Oracle R12 Upgrade

ProApps Upgrade Factory Service provides the framework needed to assess an R12 upgrade, providing you with an impact analysis report in just 10 working days. Our Upgrade Assessment Report analyzes your existing application footprint to understand the complexity of the upgrade, assess the impact from both a business and technology perspective, create a budget and plan your upgrade effectively.


Why ProApps?

·         Faster Technical Assessment resulting in reduction of effort, timeline and overall upgrade costs by 50%

·         Pre-defined templates, reusable components and use of proprietary tools and accelerators for rapid migration and faster deployment

·         Recommendations for a technology roadmap, technical optimization and risk assessment

·         Global delivery model for greater flexibility and optimal price points



Upgrade Assessment Report Deliverables


·         Complete list of customizations incorporated on the current instance

·         Categorization of complexities involved - into simple, medium and complex

·         An effort estimate required to migrate all objects for a technical upgrade

·         Information on where the changes are likely to occur

·         Application feature usage data as well as transaction volumes across installed base