Corporate Resposibility

 In line with our corporate values and principles, ProApps is committed to community and social responsibility and investment. Each year, as our company continues to grow and expand, we look to enhance the level and breadth of that commitment in measurable and meaningful ways.

Sneha Care










Proapps has a tradition of engaging with the communities in which we work. We align our community involvement with our business activities and client relationships to ensure maximum impact. We actively encourage employees at all levels to get involved in the communities in which they live and work.

Community Activities 

ProApps has a longstanding history of contributing to our communities through activities such as fundraising, pro-bono consultancy, volunteering, mentoring and financial contributions.  

We support major programs such as the SnehaCareSnehaCare

 Sneha Care Home and Shining Star School, a residential programme for the children infected with HIV, belongs to Sneha Charitable Trust, owned by the Cammillians. There are 100 children within the age group of 4 to 12 under the programme. Most of these children have lost their parents or parent and their normal growth and development seem to be difficult in their home or community. 

Sneha Care Home as an intervention model, is an attempt to create an environment that would help children infected with HIV to grow and become wonderful human beings, who would live their lives joyfully and responsibly, by comprehensively addressing their multifaceted needs. The model which is evolved to meet the long term needs of these children, which aims at future development. Value based formation, which is a key feature of the model, will enable responsible living for these children and will reintegrate the children meaningfully to the larger society.

If you’d like to be involved visit SnehaCare . Please contact usfor details to join this noble venture.